Summer Playlist: Rascal Flatts Edition

Top 5 songs you need to listen to before you see them in concert this weekend!!

May 15, 2019

I first saw Rascal Flatts when I was 9 years old and have been a super fan ever since. Yes, I still have the t-shirt that I bought from the show and no it does not still fit. Their songs have been the soundtrack to my life and I am legit stoked to see them again on Saturday!

Here is my ‘Summer Playlist’ for Rascal Flatts. Disclaimer: It is very difficult to pick only 5 of their songs since they’ve been killing the country music game for 20 years, but I did my best.

1. Mayberry – The best ‘just hanging out and chillin’ with friends’ type of song. It makes me long for lazy weekends in a small town where everyone knows everyone and they all just sit out on their front porch and drink lemonade. (Can you tell I’ve always wanted to grown up in a small southern town?) This is an older Rascal song and if you don’t know it, you NEED to listen immediately.

2. Yours If You Want It – This is one of my favorite newer Rascal songs, because it’s super catchy and makes me want to dance around whenever I hear it. Seriously, I’ll be waiting in a airport or working out and if this songs comes on, I cannot help but dance a little and sing along.

3. Rewind – We’ve all had those amazing days where you don’t want it to end and wish you could re-live it all because it was just THAT good. Somehow Rascal captured that feeling of wanting to do it all over again and put it into a song with some of the best lyrics.

4. Life is a Highway – Not an original Rascal song, but most people don’t even know that because they completely made it their own. Last year they ended with this song and every single person in the crowd was singing it. It’s just one of those songs that puts people in a good mood. I hope they end with it again!

5. Summer Nights – Obviously I could not have a ‘Summer Playlist’ and not include this song. The opening words “It’s summer nights babe!” instantly pump me up and no other song perfectly paints the picture of summer with bonfires, sunsets, tan lines, drinking and dancing. That’s how I wish I spent all my summer nights.

I chose all upbeat and catchy songs because it’s summer and people love to rock out, but Rascal Flatts also have many tear-jerker songs that I can't help but include: Bless the Broken Road, Skin (Sarabeth), What Hurts the Most, and My Wish