Your US*99 Country Class of 2019 Playlist!

Songs You NEED to Listen To Before the Show

April 30, 2019

We've been waiting for what feels like forever, but US*99’s Country Class of 2019 show is finally almost here! Tomorrow night at Rosemont Theatre, Mitchell Tenpenny, Ryan Hurd, Brandon Lay and Rachel Wammack will all be hitting the stage together in an acoustic guitar pull setting! (aka they're all on stage together!!)

We are STOKED for this event and thought you could use a playlist to listen to while getting ready to see these four amazing artists! Here are 3 songs from each artist that you NEED to hear before you see them live! If you don’t already have tickets to this show... well these songs prove that we tried to tell you!! (You can still snag your tickets HERE -- just a few left!)

Mitchell Tenpenny

    1. As you've been jamming out to US*99, I’m positive that you have heard the amazing song Drunk Me. This was Tenpenny’s break out hit and first #1 single! I personally cannot wait to belt out the words ‘I’VE BEEN SOBER!” at the top of my lungs tomorrow. And let’s be real, we’ve probably all drunk texted our ex at least once/ (okay maybe lots but who's counting?!?)

    2. Alcohol You Later is Tenpenny’s catchy follow up to Drunk Me. Get it ‘alcohol you later' – 'I’ll call you later’ -- so witty, we love it. I promise not all Tenpenny’s songs are about drinking and calling up someone from your past, but it is so relatable, it’s no wonder this song is moving up the charts. The way his voice goes high and enters another octave on the phrase “I know when we’re sober we’ll both say it’s over” is truly angelic and my favorite part of the song.

    3. While I didn't feel nearly as cool as Tenpenny does in Truck I Drove in High School (because I drove a mini van) I think we can all remember that feeling when we first get our license and the freedom of cruising around with your friends blasting your favorite songs. This is a one of the best songs to jam to in the car!

Ryan Hurd

    1. To a T is Hurd’s current radio single AND his most streamed song on Spotify, so yeah it’s for sure a hit. The lyrics, “I got you down to a t-shirt, white sheets, and red wine,” are pretty sexy and I’m totally here for it ;) Oh and did I mention that Maren Morris sings background vocals? So, basically, this song is amazing. 

   2. One of my personal favorites from Hurd is Michigan for the Winter off his newest EP. This song is awesome because most country songs are about summer and southern states, but Hurd sings about the exact opposite: the cold and winter in a Midwestern state. Fun Fact: Hurd was born in Chicago and raised in Michigan, so it totally makes sense why he wrote this song!

   3. Love in a Bar was the first Ryan Hurd song I ever heard (ha that’s funny: hurd and heard) and is still one of my all-time favorites. It perfectly paints the picture of meeting someone for the first time and instantly feeling that connection. Don’t we all hope to meet ‘the one’ when we go out to a bar on the weekend? Or weekday, I don’t judge.

Brandon Lay

    1. Lay’s first radio single Speakers, Bleachers, and Preachers completely captures ‘small town America.’ He sings about his top three influences and where he learned most of his life lessons: music, sports and church. This song makes me nostalgic for high school and those pivotal moments in my childhood.

   2. Yada, Yada, Yada is a true feel good song. It makes me long for care-free summer days driving around with my windows down. It will absolutely get stuck in your head, but in a good way...

   3. Let It is another upbeat and carefree song by Lay that is THE perfect summer jam. Lay has a unique ‘Kenny Chesney’ vibe that reminds me of drinking a cold beer by the lake while working on my tan.

Rachel Wammack

    1. Wammack’s first radio single, Damage, is a heartbreakingly beautiful song about losing someone you love. She wrote it from an authentic perspective because she was a bartender in college and met people from all walks of life. You can bet that I will cry a bit when I hear this live.

    2. Hard to Believe is my favorite song from Wammack because it is an upbeat take on getting over a break up. Many think it is the end of the world after a break up, but this song reassures us that even though it doesn’t seem like it now, you will get over it, move on, and find someone better.

    3. Enough will be Wammack’s second radop single and oh my gosh is it the cutest love song. It tells the story of how that one person could be enough for you & that no matter what happens, just having them by your side will make it all better. The MOST beautiful lyric in the song is, “If I don’t catch that falling star I wish on at night I already know for sure I got something right.” Wow. Tears. Again.