4 Things You NEED To Know About LakeShake Artist Caylee Hammack

Next From Nashville Artist Spotlight

May 31, 2019

Caylee Hammack is bringing all her fire and sass to the Next From Nashville Stage on the last day of the LakeShake festival! She has some powerhouse vocals and will surely bring the house down on Sunday, June 23rd! Here are some things you NEED to know about her:

1. Earlier this year, Hammack stopped by our US*99 Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage before opening up for LANCO at Joe's Live!


2. She used a fake ID in order to book gigs and play in bars when she was growing up in South Georgia. Everyone loves a rebel!

3. Hammack recently made her live television debut by performing on The Today Show. (this happens tomorrow 5/29, will upload photo later)

4. Not only did she write or co-write every song on her debut album, but she also produced the entire project!

Check out her debut single 'Family Tree' and get ready to sing a long with her in June!