Get to Know Hometown LakeShake Performer Elizabeth Lyons!

Next From Nashville Artist Spotlight

May 31, 2019

Next From Nashville Artist Elizabeth Lyons is a Chicago native! She is from a suburb of the city and LakeShake will be a hometown show for her! Let's get to know our hometown girl!

1. Lyons first went to college at University of Wisconsin - Madison, then transferred to Vanderbilt Unviersity in Nashville after her sophomore year to be closer to the country music scene.

2. She actually sang the 'National Anthem' at Wrigley Field back in 2014!

3. Lyons is a #GIRLBOSS! She is the CEO of her own business ElizabethLyonsMusic and even created her own indie record label: Roar Records! She is the creative director, art director, booking agent, radio promoter, A&R representative, social media coordinator and business manager of the label! 

4. She opens up about her faith and Midwest upbringing in her current single 'God Moment.'

Get ready to cheer on our hometown girl on Sunday, June 23rd!