Fun Facts About LakeShake Artist Lauren Jenkins!

Next From Nashville Artist Spotlight

May 31, 2019

Lauren Jenkins is not only a talented music artist, but also has credits as an actress and director. This multi-talented woman will be hitting the Next From Nashville Stage on the last day of LakeShake, Sunday, June 23rd! Here a few Fun Facts about her before you see her rock the stage!

1. Jenkins was born in Texas, but raised in South Carolina.

2. She began touring up and down the east coast by the age of 15!

3. She left her hometown to move to New York and pursue acting, while also booking gigs as a music artist around the Big Apple!

4. In 2012, she landed a lead role in the thriller 'Deadline.' You can check out the trailer below!

Jenkins even wrote and directed a short film to go along with her latest single 'Running Out of Road.' The song, not the entire short film, is featured below!