Meet LakeShake Duo: Seaforth!

Next From Nashville Artist Spotlight

May 17, 2019

If you're not familiar with Seaforth yet, trust us, you want to be! The guys will be hitting the Next From Nashville Stage on Saturday, June 22nd at US*99 Country LakeShake! Songwriters Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson are originally from Australia, but cannot wait to be back in Chicago for US*99 Country LakeShake Festival! Here are some fast facts about this amazing duo to get you up to speed before you see them live in June!

1. They named their band 'Seaforth' after their hometown in Sydney, Australia.

2. The boys recently visited our Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage and told the audience how they met when they were 3-years-old and originally began their careers separately, but became a duo when they met up again in Nashville.

3. Mitch (featured on the right in the above photo) was actually a contestant on The Voice Australia as well as X-Factor before establishing himself in Nashville.

4. Fun Fact: It will be Tom's birthday when they perform at LakeShake on Saturday, June 22nd! 

Make sure you catch their set at LakeShake, not only because they sound amazing together -- we're talking harmonies like Dan + Shay! -- but also to wish Tom a Happy Birthday!

Take a listen to their latest single "Love That," to get pumped up to see them live!