Get to Know the Dynamic Duo Waterloo Revival!

Next From Nashville Stage Artist Spotlight

May 17, 2019

George Birge and Cody Cooper are the two men behind the country duo Waterloo Revival! The two, and their fans known as 'ReviverNation', will be making some noise on Saturday, June 22nd on the Next From Nashville Stage at everyone's favorite summer music festival: US*99 Country LakeShake! Get to know them before you see them rocking that stage.

1. Their band name 'Waterloo Revival' came from their Texas hometown's original name, and that city is currently known as Austin. 

2. The two, Birge and Cooper, met and began writing songs together in middle school. They went on to attend seperate colleges, but then reunited and offically started the band in 2012.

3. Birge and his wife are expecting their second child that will join their son later this year.

We’ve got A LOT to be thankful for this year, the lord blessed us with another baby coming 2019! I don’t know how we’re going to keep up with two of them, but I can’t wait! Birge party of 4 --

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4. Waterloo Revival made waves with their single "What Guy Wouldn't" and did not disappoint with their follow up, "Wonder Woman."