The Perfect Playlist to Get You PUMPED UP for Windy City Smokeout!

July 8, 2019

The parking lot party of the summer, Windy City Smokeout, is THIS WEEKEND! We are so excited for some good beer, BBQ, and obviously the bands! Between Chris Young, Old Dominion, AND Cole Swindell every day will be amazing! Here is the perfect playlist to listen to while getting ready for the festival! Some new jams, some oldies, and even some up and coming artists that you might not know, but will fall in love with instantly. Time to get PUMPED UP for Windy City Smokeout! (To see all 25 songs in the playlist, hover over the video and select the icon in the upper right hand corner next to the "share" arrow!)

"Make It Sweet" - Old Dominion
"Aw Naw" - Chris Young
"Chillin' It" - Cole Swindell
"Take It From Me" - Jordan Davis
"Dust" - Eli Young Band
"Hotel Key" - Old Dominion
"Long Live Tonight" - LANCO
"Love You Too Late" - Cole Swindell
"Lonely Eyes" - Chris Young
"Drunk Last Night" - Eli Young Band
"Singles You Up" - Jordan Davis
"Ain't Worth The Whiskey" - Cole Swindell
"Love That About You" - Filmore
"Tought To Tie Down" - Jordan Davis
"Flatliner" - Cole Swindell ft. Dierks Bentley
"Born To Love You" - LANCO
"Make Me Want To" - Jimmie Allen
"Let Me See Ya Girl" - Cole Swindell
"All On Me" - Devin Dawson
"Slower" - Filmore
"I Don't Care Who Sees" - Devin Dawson
"Radioland" - Ashley McBryde
"Blue Jean Baby" - Jimmie Allen
"Movin' On" - Muscadine Bloodline
"Hangin' On" - Chris Young