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You Choose the News!

With Jason, Katie, and Erin

August 13, 2019

Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear!

Jason: The one thing you need to do to avoid bedbugs at a hotel....eww

             According to an entomologist, bedbugs are amazing hitchhikers and can easily get into your luggage when staying at a hotel. Experts say they can hide in hotel mattresses, couches, and even in the legs of those luggage stands (yikes). BUT don't worry there is a solution: store your luggage in the hotel bathtub. This isn't a joke, bedbugs have a hard time traveling on slippery/ porcelain surfaces. 

Katie: The Pumpkin Spice Controversy...?

            Dunkin announced they will roll out their fall Pumpkin Spice collection on August 21st. This is one week earlier than when it launched last year AND it is one day before Starbucks is set to launch its popular latte. Dunkin is making it a race to the fall season and honestly, I love this friendly competition! 

Erin: Man in Belgium breaks the world record for what?!

         A man in Belgium sat on a toilet for close to 5 days (116 hours) to set a world record! Jimmy De Frenne decided to challenge himself and sit on a toilet in the middle of a bar for 5 days. (I wish we knew why, but then again maybe we don't need to know everything lol)