You Choose the News with Jason, Katie, and Erin!

August 14, 2019

Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear!

Linda from Palos chose Erin's headline today, but you can read all three stories! 

Jason:  My neighbors wanted to kill me last night because this happened at 11:30 pm...

             Jason decided to light some candles while watching Bachelor in Paradise last night (yes ladies he is single) and then his smoke alarm went off! He could not get it to stop until after midnight and no one is his building was happy. 

Katie: Illinois just became the first state to require insurance companies to provide THIS for kids...

           Illinois just became the first state to require insurance companies to cover EpiPen injectors for kids. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has signed a law that would require insurance companies to cover costs for kids needing EpiPen injections for cases of severe allergic reactions. The bill will go into effect on January 1st, 2020 and Pritzker called it a big step forward in protecting our kids and families. 

Erin: Over 50 residents in a small Virginia town woke up to THIS on their front porch...

         A man with an old television set on his head (how he even puts that on his head is beyond me) went around the other night placing old TV boxes on people's porches. He was caught on many security cameras just casually walking up to houses and dropping off television sets. The local police and the residents are now referring to the man as the 'TV Santa Claus' and no one can figure out why he is doing this except for a harmless prank. The Solid Waste Division had to remove all the TV sets around town and it took them about an hour.