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EW! Half of Americans Admit to Using Swimming Pools as Communal Bathtubs

This is not okay!

May 15, 2019

With summer around the corner, we're all dreaming of the endless pool days. 

But are we actually just bathing in dirty water when we go to a public pool?

The answer, HECK yes. 

A new survey revealed that over half of Americans knowingly contribute to swimming pools become dirtier than they should be. 

Sachs Media Group found that 51% of people said they use swimming pools as communal bathtubs. 


This means those folks at the pool with you are using the pool as a substitute for showering.

Some even admitted to using a pool to "clean off after working out."

“When dirt, sweat, personal care products, and other things on our bodies react with chlorine, there is less chlorine available to kill germs,” said Dr. Chris Wiant, chair of the Water Quality & Health Council, in a press release. “Rinsing off for just 1 minute removes most of the dirt, sweat, or anything else on your body.”

There's a reason for those "please wash before entering the pool" signs.

This summer, before you go to the pool, rinse your body off. 

The idea of swimming in someone else's sweat almost makes us wish it was winter again... ALMOST.