78 Year Old is Suburban High School Basketball Team's Number One Fan #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

February 13, 2020
Maine West High School, Superfan, Basketball Team

WGN News


For 61 years, Nick Ladas has reigned king of Maine West High School’s basketball court. While he never actually played on the team and he's not the coach, he is the best support system for the players. 

By looking at his spirit and passion for the game you would never guess that he is 78 years old! 

The actual coach of the team, Tom Prokopij, even joked that sometimes Ladas gets too fired up during games and they have to calm him down.

The team has nicknamed Ladas the CMO, Chief Morale Officer, as he attends every game and almost every practice while high fiving the players and referring to them by name.

Ladas attended Maine West High School back in 1959 and has no plans to leave yet. He said he is waiting until the boys bring home a State Championship. 

The team loves the support and think of Ladas as a role model. #GoodVibes