Firefighters Left Store for Emergency and Came Back To Their Groceries Paid For By a Stranger #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

January 7, 2020
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Several members of the Fishers Fire Department in Indiana were shopping for groceries at a local Kroger when they were dispatched on an emergency call.

They ran out of the store so quickly that they had to leave their groceries behind. 

When they returned they could not believe the Kroger employees had placed their groceries in a cooler and told them an anonymous shopper paid for it all. 

The stranger left a note on the receipt that read "Thank you for your service" but wanted to stay anonymous. 

The firefighters then expressed their gratitude on Facebook in hopes of reaching the unidentified shopper. They wanted the person to know how much their kindess was appreciated. 

Kroger also released a statement saying, "We admire the generous customer who paid for the firefighters' groceries. We are also gratified by the thoughtful service of the Kroger associates who held the groceries until the firefighters could return. Fishers is justifiably proud of its public servants, so we are honored to have played a role in this gesture of support for their bravery and community spirit." #GoodVibes