Baby's Reaction to Hearing Aids Will Melt Your Heart #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

December 9, 2019
baby, hearing aid, joy, sounds



4-month-old Georgina was diagnosed with severe deafness after failing her newborn hearing test a few weeks back. The audiologist recommended hearing aids and she was outfitted for them by the National Health Service about five weeks ago. 

The video of her reaction to hearing her parents' voice for the first time is the most precious moment that will completely melt your heart. 

Georgina's response to the hearing aids is immediate and her smile lit up the room. You can hear her mom in the background of the video asking if she can say hello to everyone and she enthusiastically squeals a long, high-pitched “hi” of her own!

Georgia's dad, Paul Addison, posted the video to Twitter because he wantd to share his family's joy with the world and hopefully connect with other parents going through similar situations. 

More than half a million people have viewed the video and have reached out to Addison to share their stories. His adivce for anyone going through this with their child is to talk about it with others, specifically charities who can help offer solutions.

Georgina is doing great since her hearing aids have been put in and she is continuing to develop at a consistent rate for her age. #GoodVibes