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Blackhawks Pay Tribute To Chicago's Favorite Kiss Cam Couple #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

March 10, 2020

Earl and RoseLee Deutsch have been Chicago Blackhawks season ticket holders for the past 60 years!

They became a crowd favorite after being featured on the Kiss Cam during many different home games. Earl would always give the same excited reaction, reaching his hand in the air before turning to his left to kiss his wife.

The couple has been married for 70 years, but have been always been life long Blackhawks fans. When they bought season tickets their friends thought they were crazy due to the financial commitment, but they just love the sport. They have seen many highs, including three Stanley Cups, and also many disappointing seasons but through it all, they never wanted to give up their seats. 

When asked what makes their season tickets so special, RoseLee said, "We always liked the social aspect of hockey, getting to know people who sat around us. Even the ushers. There's more camaraderie in hockey than other sports. With fans and players too. Look how players celebrate together after they score a goal."

Unfortunately, Earl recently passed away at the age of 93, but the Blackhawks honored the couple and their love story at the game on Sunday with the cutest montage.

Earlier this year, Earl Deutsch–a face familiar to many Blackhawks fans for his frequent Kiss Cam appearances–passed away at the age of 93. Earl's wife and best friend of 70 years, Roselee, along with other members of their family, joined us for last night’s game.

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The montage ended with RoseLee, in her same seat, without her life partner, but with plenty of family around her. The Blackhawks truly do know how to make their fans feel special. #GoodVibes

Kiss Cam, Blackhawks, Hockey, Tribute, Chicago, Couple