Little Boy Put His Own Halloween Candy in Empty Bowl #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

November 4, 2019

A stranger's doorbell camera caught a child's act of kindness while trick or treating and it will melt your heart.

The little 8-year-old vampire approached the door and then noticed a bowl of candy on the porch. Many houses do this when they are out trick or treating with their own kids. They leave a bowl of candy outside with a sign for kids to only take one piece. It is based on an honor system, but some kids see a bowl of candy and an opportunity. 

The little boy put his hand into the bowl and you can see his look of disappointment on his face when he realizes the bowl is empty. 

He calls to his mom to tell her the devastating news. She then approaches the door with his little sister to see what the issue is. 

Without skipping a beat, the boy starts pulling his own candy out of the bag to help refill the bowl.

The doorbell video was then shared on social media with the caption, "This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. What a selfless act from this little guy! Kudos to his parents!!" It has since been seen by over 9 million people.

Many were touched by the little boy's kindness of giving up his own hard-earned candy to help other kids have a great Halloween. His parents said that is just the type of he is, always giving and helping others.

We need a world filled with other people that have a heart as big as the little vampire's.