Chicago First Graders' Invention Earns Them National Attention #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

February 14, 2020
First Grader, Chicago, Invention, Portable Sink

Constantine Johnny


Two very creative first graders from the Lenart Regional Gifted Center in Chicago came up with an invention that's earning them the national spotlight!

The two teamed up for their school's Invention Convention last year to create a portable sink to help you wash your hands everywhere! 

One of the first graders, Kailey McGuire, came up with the idea for the "Kids Fun Portable Sink" when she was at the beach and wanted to eat some potato chips, but there was no place to wash off her sandy hands.

She thought it would be awesome to have a sink to carry with her, so she could wash her hands and eat her snacks anywhere. 

McGuire's mom said the kids did an awesome job creating prototypes and documenting their research, even though it can be difficult to keep first graders on task. She also said there were many food and play breaks until the two finally designed a portable, collapsible sink that can be attached to a water bottle.

McGuire and her partner Jaiah won first place at their school and then even won regionals!

Now the entire world will be introduced to their invention when the kids appear on Sara, Strahan, and Keke later this week, while the show is highlighting kid inventions. #GoodVibes