How a Wrong Pizza Order Started a Pay-It-Forward Campaign #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

October 4, 2019



A firehouse, Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service, in Canada was conducting an all-day training seminar and decided to order pizzas for their firefighters. 

One of the firefighters was asked to order 18 pizzas from Alimo's Pizza joint, a local shop in Alberta Canada. 

Without realizing, he called Alamo's Pizza in San Antonia, Texas instead. 

Fred Nunez, the owner of Alamo's Pizza in Texas thought the phone number was long distance, but figured it was someone in town visiting, so he wrote down their credit card information and began making the 18 pizzas. 

When the firefighter in Canada hung up, he asked his co-worker why the pizza place had a San Antonio area code and the guy said 'it doesn't.' 

He then called Nunez back and explained that he made a HUGE mistake as he was trying to call Alimo's Pizza in Canada! (In his defense he was only ONE letter off!)

Nunez gave the Canadian firefighters a 40% off first responders discount, but they still did not want to waste $300 worth of pizza, so they decided to donate the food to two San Antonio fire stations and a San Antonio Police Department substation.

The San Antonio firefighters then went on Facebook and thanked the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service! The two fire stations began sending each other messages and pictures and have since formed a friendship. 

Their story has also started a pay-it-forward campaign with the hashtag #RandomActsOfPizza. The hashtag is now trending, as people purchase and give random people pizza as an act of kindness! 

Who would have thought that a wrong pizza order would not only create an international friendship, but also start a delicious pay-it-forward campaign? #GoodVibes