Plainfield Firefighters Go To Boy's Birthday After No One Else Showed Up #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

November 19, 2019

VEX Collective


Firefighters are known to go above and beyond in the line of duty, but a few first responders from the Plainfield Fire Protection District did more than that when they found themselves at a little kid's birthday party. 

Over the weekend, 7-year old Dominic had his birthday party at a Gym Quest, but sadly no other kids showed up. He was devastated when none of his classmates came.

Chief Jon Stratton, a firefighter who had been at Gym Quest for another party found out about what happened and asked if something could be done. He put out a call to his team back at the firehouse and within 15 minutes a few dozen first responders came to help celebrate Dominic's birthday.

The general manager of Gym Quest, Emily Speedy, said what happened within minutes was an amazing sight and she could not believe the firefighters' generosity. 

As soon as Dominic found out the firefighters were there to play with him he was jumping up and down in excitement!

Speedy then invited other children that attended a previous party to come back and hang with Dominic and the first responders. 

Fire Chief Jon Stratton said, "We just took it as a simple thing of helping a young fellow out and it’s good to see the good in the world is coming through." #GoodVibes