Girl Scout Cookies, Weed Dispensary, Troop, Profits

John Moore

Girl Scout Troop Maximizes Profits by Selling Cookies Outside of Weed Dispensary #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

February 12, 2020

Dispensaries aren’t the only ones cashing in on cannabis legalization in Illinois: A wise Girl Scout troop set up shop outside an Andersonville dispensary this weekend, delighting customers and employees of the weed shop.

The local Girl Scout troop reached out to Dispensary33 located at 5001 N. Clark St. to ask if they could set up a stand outside the business doors. The company happily obliged and allowed the troop to set up shop for four hours on Sunday morning.

Abigail Watkins, marketing and outreach manager for the dispensary, said it's a perfect match between their clientele and the cookies and as a former Girl Scout she really admires their hustle. The dispensary also announced that it will now have different troops selling cookies outside the store every weekend through the entire month of February. 

The leader of the Andersonville-area Brownie Girl Scout troop, Melissa Soukup, got the idea to set up by a dispensary when most other businesses in the area were booked up by competing troops. She said they are always looking for places with heavy foot traffic and she figured since the legalization of marijuana, a dispensary would be the perfect spot! 

Security outside the dispensary helped the girls set up their table and all the workers were also very supportive. The troop was able to sell 230 boxes of cookies in only four hours! 

A representative from Dispensary 33 said they are just happy the girls have an entrepreneurial spirit and are getting cookies in front of the customer. #GoodVibes