Group of Friends Leave Holiday Gift For Waitress #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

December 16, 2019
ihop, restaurant, eat, tip

Scott Olson


A friend group in New Jersey went to iHop for their annual holiday tradition, but this year they made sure it was super special.

The group of twelve decided to leave an extra-large tip for their waitress as an early Christmas gift. Each person brought a $100 bill to breakfast and between the whole group they left a $1,200 tip! 

At first, the waitress thought they made a mistake and tried to give them their money back. The whole group just smiled and reassured her that is was definitely not a mistake, but just a way to do something nice for someone else. 

One of the friends tweeted, "If you and your friends have the capacity and heart to pool your money to give a large tip to a waitress this holiday season that you know deserves it. I encourage it. You’ll be surprised how many of your friends would be supportive of the idea!" along with a photo of the entire group and their waitress!