Mike Stobe

Instagram Models Made a Huge Statement for Breast Cancer Awareness at World Series #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

October 29, 2019

On Monday at Game 5 of the World Series, two Instagram models made quite a statement for breast cancer awareness.

Lauren Summer, the brand executive of the X-rated digital magazine SHAGMAG and CEO Julia Rose hoped they rasied awareness about breast cancer by flashing the Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during the game.

The two made statements that yes they were both aware that they would be banned after the stunt, but did it in hopes to cause change and make a statement. After the incident, Sumer tweeted, "I would do it again lol. More importantly, subscribe to @SHAGMAG_ because the proceeds go directly to women with breast cancer to pay for their medical bills." 

Both Summer and Rose shared their letters of banishment on their social media pages which read, "During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the 7th inning, in order to promote a business."

All the two wanted to do was raise awarenes and point people in the right direction on how to donate to help women with breast cancer pay off their medical bills. #GoodVibes