Kindergartener Sells Cookies To Pay Off Student Lunch Debt #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

December 17, 2019
School Lunch, Sandwich, Cafeteria, Debt



After overhearing another child's mother say she was having a hard time paying for an after-school program, Katelynn Hardee, 5, spoke to her own mother about how she could help other students.

Her mother recommended a stand of some kind similar to a lemonade stand in order to raise money.

Hardee decided to set up a very timely cocoa-and-cookies stand that turned out to be wildly successful! 

She was adamant that she never wanted a friend or anyone for that matter to go hungry, so she ended up using the money from her cocoa and cookies stand to pay off 123 students' lunch debts! 

Her selfless action was recognized recently with an award from administrators at her school, Breeze Hill Elementary, in San Diego. 

The administrators, as well as the director of child nutrition services in the district, were inspired by Hardee's compassion and generosity towards the less fortunate. 

Even though she is only 5 years old, she proves that age does not matter when trying to make a difference. #GoodVibes