Krispy Kreme Donating Doughnuts to Student to Help Pay Off College Debt #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

November 5, 2019

Joe Raedle


Jayson Gonzalez's hometown of Champlin, Minnesota loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts but has not had a restaurant in town for over eleven years!  

Gonzalez decided to help his beloved town get their my favorite doughnuts, while also turning a profit for himself. 

Every weekend he would drive 270 miles to Clive, Iowa to buy over 100 boxes and then turn around and resell them back in Minnesota!

He would charge anywhere from $17 - $20 per box even though he originally purchased them for only $10. 

When Krispy Kreme learned of his business venture, the company told Gonzalez to stop citing concerns of "product quality and regulatory compliance." The corporation did not appreciate his money-making scheme...AT FIRST.

They have since changed their minds and are allowing Gonzalez to continue his business as an independent operator. 

Once Krispy Kreme learned that he was hoping to graduate from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul in 2021 debt-free and was putting money made from the doughnuts toward that, the company praised his entrepreneurial spirit. Now they want to help Gonzale reach his goal by donating 500 boxes (6,000) to his cause. 

Krispy Kreme wishes him nothing but success and is thrilled to help him achieve his debt-free goal! #GoodVibes