Police Officer, Good Vibes, Birthday, Woman

Steve Skinner Photography

Police Officer Gives Woman a Ride Home and Then Buys Birthday Cake and Gift for Her Kid #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

March 11, 2020

Police Sgt. Nick Boney saw a woman walking home alone on a cold night carrying balloons and kindly offered her a ride. 

He then found out it was her daughter's first birthday and she was trying to get home to celebrate. Boney gave his credit card to another officer and told him to buy her a birthday cake with a number 1 candle. 

The woman invited the officer inside to say hi to her children and he ended up presenting her daughter with the cake and singing 'Happy Birthday.'

All of it was captured on police body cam footage and the department released the video on the Wednesday of Random Act of Kindness Week.  

He helped make the kid's birthday one her mother will never forget. #GoodVibes