One Take-Out Call Leads To An Unexpected Friendship #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

October 25, 2019

Buffie Hipps called Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant to order her favorite enchiladas the other day and what happened after was NOT expected.

The enchiladas were going to be Hipps first meal since undergoing thyroid cancer. While ordering she asked if the restaurant could separate the queso because she is still going through radiation treatment and her husband cannot be around her. 

The hostess that took the order, Rosie Macias, made the interaction much more personal than just putting the food in. 

Macias empathized with Hipps because she was diagnosed with leukemia and is currently three years cancer-free! While undergoing treatment, Macias had very strict dietary restrictions and also could not be around people, which is why she related to Hipps. 

The hostess ended up paying for Hipps' meal and asked if the two could stay in touch. Hipps was so grateful for Macias' compassion and understanding that she said as soon as she is allowed around people again, she is going to the restaurant to give Macias a hug! 

The women hope they can inspire others either battling cancer or in remission to reach out to those fighting and pay it forward. #GoodVibes