Scientist Who Developed Ovarian Cancer Treatment Donates Profits #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

December 3, 2019
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Vladimir Borovic


Professor Nicola Curtin is just one of the researchers from Newcastle University who has spent the last 30 years developing the Rubraca drug, which is used to treat ovarian cancer.

The drug is used to treat those with the specific BRCA gene that increases the risk of ovarian cancer. The Rubraca drug is a PARP inhibitor, which means it impairs the cancer cell's ability to repair normal wear and tear to its DNA so that it kills the tumor cells without affecting the healthy cells.

Newcastle University sold the royalties for the drug at $40 million! Due to Curtin's integral part in creating and researching the drug, she made $2.1 million in the deal.

She used the money to create The Curtin PARP (Passionate About Realizing Your Potential) Fund, which will work with people to help overcome barriers in education and employment. She wishes to help those that might come from a disadvantage to have the same opportunities as any other privileged person.

Curtin hopes to help people develop skills, talent, and build confidence to overcome all barriers on their way to success. 

When asked why she will not use any of the money on herself she said, "This journey has made me reflect on my own life, and it seems wrong for me to benefit from this financially. I’m proud that this research will change lives, and I have everything that I need in life—a good job, a loving family, a nice house, but in society, there are many who do not have this."

Her goal is to leave a lasting legacy that will change lives for the better. #GoodVibes