Store Clerk Returns $7,000 Found in Coat Pocket #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

October 24, 2019



Jennifer Kimes works at Plato's Closet, a thrift and consignment shop in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

While sorting through donations she stumbled upon a coat with an unexpected surprise in the pocket. She told ABC Chicago station WLS that sometimes she will find gum, pictures, or grocery lists in the pockets of clothes, but never this.

She found a wad of cash. We're talking lots of money. $7,000 worth.

At first, Kimes was nervous and scared because of the sheer amount of money, but she immediately put it in the store safe and called her boss. The store owner then was able to track down the man that dropped off the coat and arrange a time for him to pick up his money. He explained that he knew at some point he hid the money in the coat but has since forgotten. The donor was extremely grateful for Kimes for doing the right thing.

She added that "It's just about integrity. So when you work with things like this, you just have to make sure that you're honest and you do the right thing." #GoodVibes