Viral Tweet Helps Freshman Gain Friends at School #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

September 6, 2019

JD Cherrie


The first day of high school can be daunting for most and for freshman Caleb Wrenn it was particularly rough.

He came home from school and texted his older sister in college saying that he had no friends and had to eat lunch alone on his first day. He told her that his classmates think he's a loser because he's short.

Wrenn's sister decided to take matters into her own hands and tweeted out a picture of their text conversation and her brother's photo asking Twitter to 'retweet to let my baby brother know that he is cool.'

She could never have imagined that the tweet would go viral! It currently has 33.8k Retweets and 81.5K Likes, which is INSANE!

After it blew up on social media some upperclassmen from the school’s football team surprised Caleb and had lunch with him in the cafeteria, getting to know him and making him feel welcome in the new and intimidating environment. 

Some members of the football team then tweeted this photo with Caleb introducing him to the school and making him feel less alone.

It's crazy how one tweet can go such a long way! We hope Caleb has a great rest of his freshman year and we appalud those upperclassmen football players that took him under his wing. #GoodVibes