College Volleyball Player Misses Last Game to Donate Stem Cell to Stranger #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

December 4, 2019
volleyball, college

Augustas Cetkauskas


Jurnee Farrell is a senior volleyball player at Howard University who missed her final conference tournament in order to help someone in need.

She has been on the 'Be The Match' registry for the last two years after her volleyball coach encouraged her to sign up. 

Farrell recently received a call that she was a stem cell match for a 57-year-old woman with acute lymphoblastic leukemia ahead of her team's final conference tournament. 

Even though the recovery time after the procedure would take seven to ten days, Farrell went through with the donation and missed her last collegiate tournament. 

When asked about her decision, Farrell said it was definitely a 'no brainer' and hopes if anyone was given the opportunity to save someone's life it would be a no brainer for them as well. 

She also explained that this person was on a timeline and she wasn't, so it made sense to sacrifice a little to help someone a lot. Farrell went on to say if she was in pain for a few days that did not even compare to someone who has been in pain for months. 

Her selfless action was even more special as African-Americans have just a 23 percent chance of finding a matching donor through the registry, according to Be The Match.

Her coach was very supportive of the decision since he encouraged her to be a donor in the first place. She hopes to meet the patient if her transplant was successful, which they will not know for another year. 

Farrell knows in twenty years when looking back on her life, she will never regret missing volleyball to save a life. #GoodVibes