Woman Gets Phone Back 15 Months After Dropping It in a Lake and Still Has Dad's Old Messages On It #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

October 10, 2019

39-year-old Erica Bennet has been distraught ever since she accidentally dropped her phone in a river 15 months ago. It wasn't just the fact that she had to get a new phone, but more importantly, the last text messages from her dad that passed away were on that phone that was now down in the water.

As soon as she dropped it, her husband dove in to grab it with no success. She cried tears of grief as soon as she realized she lost all those text messages from her father. Bennet said, “All I remember is thinking of all the photos and texts I had just lost in the bottom of that river. Memories I thought I would never get back.”

15 months later a diver named Micahel Bennet (surprisingly no relation) found the iPhone in the murky waters behind a large rock!

Being a diver he has found many phones, but whenever he tries to get them working again, they are too far damaged to turn on. Somehow, though, when he plugged it into a charger, it turned on! 

He did not know the iPhone's password so he decided to take out the SIM card and insert it into another phone. (How he thought of that, I have no idea) 

Bennet found Erica Bennet's (just a little confusing) number by retrieving her contacts and luckily she kept her old digits. Michael called Erica and at first, she thought it was a spam call, but answered anyway and was so excited to hear that her phone was found! 

The next day Michael delivered the phone to Erica and she was overwhelmed with emotions. Even though the phone's screen is dimmer and the battery drains quickly, the only thing that matters to Erica is that she can now read her dad's last words again.

She has her old memories back and that is what she cares about! No one knows how the phone still worked after being submerged in water for over a year, but we're so glad it did! #GoodVibes