Cops Spent Two Hours Hunting for a Suspect Who Ran Into a Corn Maze

September 30, 2019



This is a good way to hide . . . but not exactly a good way to escape.

The cops in Petaluma, California were looking for a 29-year-old guy named Ryan Watt on Friday night after he violated his ex-girlfriend's restraining order.

And when he saw the cops coming, he took off running . . . right toward a giant CORN MAZE. The corn maze is set up for the season at a pumpkin patch in town, and sits on four acres of 10-foot-tall stalks of corn . . . so the cops had a LOT of searching to do.

To their credit, they took a pretty smart approach . . . they had some cops block the entrance and exit, then sent in teams to systematically search every part of the maze.