Essentials For LakeShake This Weekend!

June 17, 2019

US*99 LakeShake is this weekend! So by now you've got your plans made and you're READY for Friday. But maybe you've wondered what some of the essentials are as far as what to bring with you - and what's allowed and what isn't? Here's our US*99 LakeShake Essentials guide:

- Definitely bring (non-aerosol) sunscreen and bug spray! Don't let sunburn or mosquitos ruin what's certain to be a great weekend. You can even hit two brids with one stone - there are sunscreens that are combined with bug spray at the drug store. Again, aerosol cans are not allowed, so get the kind that is in a plastic bottle.

- Professional cameras are not allowed, but small pocket sized digital cameras are allowed - or you can just use the fancy camera that's right there on your phone! You might also want to bring binoculars to see the stage. There'll be charging stations so you can recharge your phone - even one right at our US*99 tent! Make sure to stop by, say hello and get your phone charged! 

- Bring a bottle of water that is factory sealed (not made of glass) or bring an empty water container. There are water filling stations, so you can refill the bottle and keep hydrated by drinking enough water.

- Snacks! You can bring a gallon sized plastic zip lock bag filled with practical food and snacks. There is food sold at the venue, but you can save money and time in the food line by bringing a sandwich, cheese and crackers, yogurt, fruit, veggie sticks, snack bars, cookies and whatever you choose. Just make sure that it is food that will not spoil in a few hours.

- Pack some wet wipes, which will be useful for cleaning hands, surfaces and getting rid of that sticky feeling that comes with spending the day in the sun. They are also useful in case they run of the toilet paper.

- There's a threat of rain each day, so a foldable poncho might be a good idea! You can carry it with you inside a small backpack or small purse. (searched upon entry) 16X16X8

For a full list of what you can and can't bring CLICK HERE.

See you at LakeShake!