The Most Stolen Cars Of 2017

Did your car make the list?

September 19, 2018

The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released their annual “Hot Wheels” reports, and identified the ten most stolen vehicles in the country in 2017.

2018 isn't technically over, but you can pretty much translate the most stolen car models to cars you can buy now. Apparently last year's most stolen vehicle was the 1998 Honda Civic as almost 6,700 of them were reported stolen last year!

Don't worry if you have a new car too because the most stolen 2017 model car was the Nissan Altima with over 1,100 stolen in 2017 alone! You can check out both lists below of cars you want to avoid buying the next few years:

Most Stolen Cars of 2017:

Honda Civic, 1998 (6,707)

Honda Accord, 1997 (6,301)

Ford Pick-Up (Full Size), 2006 (3,151)

Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size), 2004 (1,907)

Toyota Camry, 2017 (1,100)

Nissan Altima, 2016 (1,450)

Toyota Corolla, 2106 (1,012)

Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size), 2001 (1,242)

GMC Pickup (Full Size), 2017 (957)

Chevrolet Impala 2008 (991)


Most Stolen 2017 Car Model:

Nissan Altima (1,153)

Toyota Camry (1,100)

GMC Pickup (Full Size) (957)

Hyundai Elantra (929)

Ford Fusion (874)

Ford Pickup (Full Size) (842)

Ram Pickup (835)

Toyota Corolla (832)

GMC Savana (774)

Hyundai Sonata (759)