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Shuvalova Viktoria / Getty Images

New Dog Collar Plays Swear Words When Your Dog Barks

February 14, 2020

We still haven't quite gotten to the point where dog collars can interpret a dog's bark and translate it into words. Yes, like in the movie"Up".

But maybe this is a step along the way?

A company called MSCHF is selling a new dog collar that plays SWEAR WORDS whenever your dog barks.

When your dog barks, the device on the collar randomly picks a pre-recorded curse word to play. The people who created it say it's a way for your dog to help vent . . . but, you know, that's not actually true. It's just a gag gift.

If you're interested, they cost $60 . . . but right now, they're temporarily sold out. 

(New York Post)