Scientists Will Pay You $4,500 To Get Injected With Coronavirus

Woiuld you??

March 10, 2020

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In order to further study the rapidly-spreading coronavirus, scientists in the UK are looking for 24 incredibly brave volunteers. 

Hvivo, the company which owns the laboratory at Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre at Whitechapel in London, is looking for volunteers willing to be injected with the the 0C43 and 229E strains of the coronavirus in order to effectively find a vaccine.  Granted, these strains are far less serious than the Covid-19 strain currently spreading across the world, but as a risk still stands, the volunteers selected for the program will be compensated to the tune of £3,500, or $4,500.

Volunteers will be kept in isolation for two weeks with no exercise or physical contact with any other person.  Before any testing can begin Hvivo's plans need to be approved by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.