Girl Was Caught Speeding and Had the Funniest Excuse #BrightBytes

With Katie Bright

October 9, 2019



Time to get all caught up on what's happening this week with Katie's Bright Bytes! 

An IL State Trooper stopped a driver on I-57 for going 115 MPH: wait until you hear her excuse! 

  • An Illinois state trooper says a woman ticketed Monday just south of Kankakee on I-57 was speeding because she was late for class. 
  • "He originally clocked her at 116. He was able to lock it in at 115. She later sped up to 135 miles an hour,” says the Illinois State Police Sgt.
  • Because of the traffic stop, the Sgt posted on the state police Facebook page, the woman was "really, really, really late to class."

Flu seasons in the Southern Hemisphere can sometimes help predict the oncoming U.S. Flu Season.

  • Unfortunately, It was a bad one in Australia, where winter just ended.
  • Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest getting a flu shot before the end of October.
  • Experts say "The most important thing is for people to get their flu vaccine, and get it before the epidemic starts."
  • They say even if the vaccine doesn't prevent the flu, it can reduce the severity if you do catch it.
  • Tips to avoid the Flu include: avoid people who are ill and practice good hygiene, avoid touching your eyes/nose and mouth, and disinfect surfaces in your home and work place.
  • If you do get sick, STAY home.

If you want to live longer, get a dog. 

  • Two separate studies found that dog owners live longer than people who don't have a pooch.
  • Researchers found that owning a dog was linked to a 24 percent lower risk of death.
  • It's been thought dog owners might feel less loneliness and generally get more exercise than people without dogs, both of which can have protective effects on the body.

In Sports:​

  • In Soccer, the  Fire have announced they will return to downtown Chicago, playing at Soldier Field for the 2020 season.
    • They have been playing in Bridgeview.