How To Avoid The Worst Traffic This Holiday Season

What's Up Chicago

November 26, 2019
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Scott Olson


Katie has your tips on how to avoid Thanksgiving traffic with 'What's Up Chicago?'

More than 55 million people plan to hit the road for Thanksgiving, making it the second-busiest Thanksgiving for road travel.

  • ​According to Google Maps, the busiest time to hit the road for travel is obviously tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving.
  • You will want to specifically avoid the 3 to 4 pm hour.
  • The best time to begin travel is 4 am tomorrow or 6 am on Thanksgiving morning. 
  • Oh and quickly wrap it up and say goodbye because experts say hitting the road at 4a​m Friday is best for your return!

We covered your road travel tips but airlines are bracing themselves for a historic storm that will affect the whole country.

  • From Cali to fact parts of the Rockies could see 2 to 3 feet of snow, the Midwest about 8 to 12 inches.
  • Flash floods and snow will be whipping the Northeast.
  • The wind is so bad, the Macy's Thanksgiving Dat parade balloons could be grounded.
  • Experts are reminding us to CHECK flights before heading to the airport. 

Disney will own the end of the year at the box office!

  • Frozen II brought in $127 million during opening weekend and box office experts expect a lot of repeat business this weekend with kids having a couple of days off.
  • Disney has one more HUGE movie release this year...Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker is out Dec 20th!

In Sports: 

  • Bulls lost to the Trail Blazers 
  • During Monday Night Football the Ravens crushed the Rams 45 to 6.