Now Your Whole House Can Smell Like McDonald's All the Time with Their New Candle!

What's Up Chicago

February 21, 2020
McDonald's, Fast Food, Scented Candle,

Justin Sullivan


'What's Up Chicago' brings you all the local news you need before heading into the weekend.

McDonald's just launched a 6 piece scented candle pack 

  • The pack contains candles scented like ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, bun, and 100% fresh beef.
  • Although they can be burned separately, McDonald's recommends lighting them all together "for maximum deliciousness" as it will then smell like their famous Quarter Pounder

McDonald's, Fast Food, Scented Candle

The brother of Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher facing federal charges.

  • Casey Urlacher and a Chicago police offer are among 10 people charged in an offshore gambling ring. 
  • Urlacher is being accused of acting as an agent and recruiting bettors.​
  • The sports ring was called Uncle Mick's sports dot come and was run out of Costa Rica. 
  • Also indicted was Nicholas Stella, an 18-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. 
  • Urlacher faces up to five years in prison. He is currently the mayor of Mettowa in Lake County. 

If your kid is using Tik Tok, you need to know about a scary new challenge that has all of us parents freaked out

  • It's called the Skull Breaker Challenge and it's putting kids in the ER.
  •  The challenge involves three people—two who are in on the prank, and an unsuspecting third participant. All three stand in a straight line and are told to jump in the air. However, the person in the middle, who doesn’t know what’s about to happen, is the only one who actually jumps. The other two people kick inward to knock the middle person off their feet—and, most likely, onto their head.​

An Illinois lawmaker wants to get rid of the law that prohibits drinking alcohol on trains.

  • The proposal would repeal the Railroad Intoxicating Liquor Act of 1911 — Now the law hasn't been enforced in nearly a century and if you ride the Amtrak you know they serve alcohol.
  • But local lawmakers say it’s time to strike this archaic law off the books in the state of Illinois.

In Sports:

  • Bulls lost last night to the Hornets
  • Hawks host the Nashville Predators tonight. 
  • First Cubs preseason game is tomorrow against Oakland.