Woman Finds Chicken Nugget Shaped Like Manatee in Her Fast Food Order

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January 7, 2020
Nugget, Chicken Nugget, Fast Food

Pinghung Chen


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A woman found a chicken nugget shaped like a manatee in her fast-food order and she is selling it for $5000.

  • She bought it at a Culver's near a Manatee Viewing Center in Florida, which seems like fate! 
  • The nugget is listed on Facebook marketplace and filed under the category "Antiques and Collectibles" and noted in her description, "Must see to appreciate." 

Nugget, Chicken Nugget, Fast Food, Manatee
Orlando Weekly

Australia estimates over $480 million in losses so far this fire season.

  • 24 deaths have been reported, most of the casualties in South Wales.
  • Half a billion animals are dead. 
  • About 2700 firefighters are battling these fires.
  • The Australian defense is calling on military from surrounding countries to help.
    • Veteran firefighters from CA are on their way to help as well.

A U.S. soldier from the Chicago area was among three people killed in an attack on a military base in Kenya.

  • Authorities have confirmed that 23-year-old Army Specialist Henry Mayfield Jr. of Hazel Crest was killed Sunday.
  • Mayfield joined the Army in 2018 to help pay for school. 

Illinois will stop collecting fines against drivers who are ticketed after cameras catch them violating red lights in the suburbs. 

  • Authorities said poor and minority motorists appear to be most affected by the $100 tickets, which can double if not timely paid.
  • Officials say it is a broken system.
  • The new policy starts on February 6th.​

A high demand is cause for a possible marijuana shortage since made legal in Illinois

  • We have spent $11 million in sales since January 1st. 
  • Customers made more than 271,000 purchases during that time causing product shortages.
  • Shops have halted recreational weed sales and plan to remain closed to the public for part of the week if not longer as they deal with product shortages.
  • Dispensaries are still open for medical patients.