10 New Songs You Need To Know

Why be the last to know when you could be the first?

September 18, 2018
10 New Country Songs You Need To Know

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Great songs take time and we're not just talking about creating them. So much happens behind the scenes with music charts, record labels, and more before you necessarily hear your new-favorite-song on the radio... we're hitting fastforward on all of that and giving you brand new songs that aren't hits... yet.

1. Seth Ennis feat. Little Big Town "Call Your Mama"

The song has created a lot of buzz with loyal listeners who took the message to heart... some deciding to stop having "petty" fights with their mothers while others reflected on connections that can't be made again... As one fan said, one thing's for sure... "it's something we can all relate to." Seth shared with us that he performed the song one night on tour, Little Big Town heard it & loved it so much that they ended up cutting a version together, and so the story of this song goes.

2. Darius Rucker feat. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan & Charles Kelley "Straight To Hell"

Of course the song stands on it's own with a wonderful rich sound, flowing between and together with Darius, Jason, Luke & Charles voices... but the accompanying video gives it something extra special. With an old-town Western theme reminiscent of Back to the Future (yep, you already know the scene), there are too many absolutely hilarious hidden & overt moments to count. Listen to the song. Watch the video. Watch it again. Watch it a third time while listening intently & you may have caught a good portion of all the magic in this song. 

3. Lindsay Ell "Champagne"

Talk about a POWERHOUSE of a song AND a talent for that matter. If you're not familiar with Lindsay Ell, you should be. She does it ALL. Strong vocals paired with absolutely incredible guitar playing (if you haven't seen videos of her shredding, look 'em up NOW, it's truly something to behold) she is a true talent & it's just the beginning for her... Off of her work, "The Project," "Champagne" has witty lyrics that entertainingly relatable complete with a catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head (trust us, you won't be mad about it). The audio cut of the song featured on YouTube also showcases another unique facet of Ms. Ell -- her knack for painting guitars. As with her music, it really is something special to watch her create art ON the instruments she also creates WITH.

The newest addition to the fleet. Finished painting this one last night. This is the guitar for #TheContinuumProject. A whole bunch of emotions all in one. -- #paint

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4. Jon Pardi "Night Shift"

If you were lucky enough to see Jon Pardi when he came to Wrigley Field for Luke Bryan's "What Makes You Country Tour" then this song will ring a bell. Incredibly catchy with a unique cadence, it's true Jon Pardi style paired with hints of modern effects that compliment his classic-country elements beautifully. We dare you to get through the song without bobbing your head along. 

5. Lee Brice "Rumor"

There's an extra level of romance in this love song that can only come from the depth of Lee's voice. It's wonderfully nostolgic, bringing up memories of crushes from long ago, part of your past when schoolmates could tell there might be something between two people before even they realised it. Pulling its message to the present, it captures the uncertainty of dating today, specifically around "labels," if you will... "there's a rumor goin' round, and round, and round, whatchu say we make it true?" It relates to that innocuous moment these days that nevertheless feels like the world might end, when people decide if they should finally call it what it is and arguably has been for awhile, a relationship.  

6. Keith Urban "Never Comin' Down"

It is no secret that Keith Urban is incredibly talented, one of the best guitar players in the genre (and the nicest man!) but I have to say his past few singles have had this special VIBE. This single, "Never Comin' Down" is the epitome of the "feeling" his past few records have brought to the listener, this sense of bliss even? It's a feel-good song with some unique samples that really puts it in a league of its own.

7. Morgan Evans "Day Drunk"

Most American's got their first introduction to Morgan Evans' music with his last single, "Kiss Somebody." His latest song "Day Drunk" showcases a different side of the Aussie's vocal depth as well as his signature use of many different sounds. During his last visit to the US*99 studios, Morgan shared with us how he had to learn to produce songs that sounded like they were made with a full band, on his own, since his band couldn't come with him when he really began touring in America. He makes it happen with a loop pedal and if you haven't seen him in action, you really want to check out his YouTube channel because it's something special to behold. You also really want to check out the video to this song since all of the footage was shot by Morgan himself and his wife Kelsea Ballerini. 

8. Locash "Feels Like A Party"

The title is so fitting for this duo because it's the feeling the exude every time you're around them. Seriously, I've never met two guys that are always ready to have a good time & carry themselves with endless good vibes, ALL. THE. TIME. The word that comes to mind listening to this track is "smooth." Their vocals, the melody, it just flows seamlessly. And I'm calling it now, the lyrics are going to be the new anthem country festivals & camp-outs. It's definitely the kind of song to make you smile when you hear a tipsy crowd LIVING when it comes on. 

9. Luke Bryan "What Makes You Country"

If you were lucky enough to catch Luke Bryan when he brought his tour of the same name to Wrigley Field September 1st, this song may sound a bit familiar. The song "What Makes You Country" isn't as well known as the tour... yet. With a classic "Luke" sound, we're guessing there is a good chance this will eventually be Luke Bryan's 22nd #1 song. Although it's complete with stereotypical country references to tires, mud & more, this song stands out because of one thing: it acknowledges it. The country genre has transformed a lot over the last 20 years and this song not only gives a nod to that, it's also all about welcoming its new audience. From Texas to plough boys, everyone is welcome and it's okay that "What Makes You Country" isn't the same for everyone.

10. Chase Rice "Eyes On You" 

It had been quite awhile since fans had heard from Chase Rice before the release of his album "Lambs & Lions" last November. Chase introduced the work to his fans with a disclaimer - you were going to hear a different Chase. Far from the "party" songs of his past, "Eyes On You" is the kind of music Chase had always wanted to make, and it is the epitome of the talent we've only begun to really get a good look at. It combines elements of Sam Hunt's spoken verses, Walker Hayes' quick & witty lyrics and the emotion behind Brett Young's ballads to create a song that is truly in a league of its own. It's so pleasing to the ear that it has the relaxed nature of an alternative melody. To say that we can't wait to hear more songs like this from Chase Rice would be a complete understatement.