12 artists considered recording "The Middle" before it ultimately went to Maren Morris

Talk about finding the PERFECT fit!!

April 26, 2018
Maren Morris

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We've heard of this happening many times before: artist hears song, artist considers cutting song, artist doesn't end up doing so, different artist records song, song is a huge hit. Well there were TWELVE ladies who took a chance on "The Middle" and ultimately didn't work out before the hit landed with Maren! (And we're so glad it did!)

Acccording to Variety, the song first was sent to Demi Lovato, who after cutting it decided to instead go with "Sorry Not Sorry" as her single.

It was sent over to Zedd who put on the finishing touches that the writers ultimately LOVED. At that point, they all got together to brainstorm a "wish list" of female vocalists...

Camila Cabello cuts the song & again the writers are thrilled... but then they don't hear back. Camila's already-released single, "Havana" was dominating the charts & ultimately she didn't want to put out another song that could dilute what "Havana" was doing.

After that, the song was sent out to Tove Lo, Bebe Rexha, Carly Rae Jepsen & Bishop Briggs... but they felt that those versions were "missing a certain something."

Then the song went to Anne-Marie... and although it was ready to go, it eventually fell through, because she had also cut a song with another DJ/Producer, Marshmallow. Long story short, two songs by "competing" producers couldn't be out at the same time with the same vocalist. 

BUT Maren Morris ended up saving the day. She took it upon herself to cut the song, sent it to Zedd & he loved it. He showed it to the writers and they loved it. So Zedd flew out to Nashville for her to cut her vocals for the finished song.

Just for some added sweetness: Maren was on her honeymoon with Ryan Hurd when "The Middle" hit #1 :)