9 Bank Account Crushing Kentucky Derby Hats

You might have to sell your home, but you will have.... a hat.

May 4, 2018
Kentucky Derby Hats

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Welcome to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, am I right? If you’re heading to the Kentucky Derby this weekend, be on the look out for some of the most expensive, over the top hats. Even if you aren’t heading to Churchill Downs for one of the most anticipated events of the year, make sure to keep hitting refresh on all of your fav social media apps for pictures of celebrities and their custom-made hats. Take a look below for some of the most expensive derby hats available, and tell us how much YOU would spend on a Kentucky Derby hat... if you married a super-star & had all that money!

Christine A. Moore Judy - Parisisol Big Brim
9. $725 - Christine A. Moore Judy - Parisisol Big Brim

Okay, okay. We know what you’re thinking. It’s a little over the top, right? Right! But, you’re at the Kentucky Derby, you have to go all out! Do we have you sold on the hat yet? C'mon, look at those feathers! We're getting an Alice in Wonderland vibe (yes, the Johnny Depp version) & truly, who doesn't love that?





8. $825 - Christine A. Moore Queenie - Parisisol Big Brim

OMG! Are we the only ones OBSESSED with this hat?! This hat is 100% one of  those items you pick up, try on, carry (ok, wear) around the store, then take a look at the price tag just to put it back. We love this made-to-order hat! In fact, it's not just made for you, it's HANDMADE just for you! 





7. $1,342 - Christine A. Moore Salano - Parisisol Big Brim Hat​

There is just something about this hat that we can’t stop staring at... It’s unique, but trendy with the oversized flowers. It's definitely a fashion statement but still versatile because the inner brim provides sun protection while the outer brim gives just enough flair. We love this hat, we want this hat, we also NEED this hat. And it looks like we’re also going to need a raise because this hat is $1,342 on hatsinthebelfry.com





6. $2,099 - Philip Treacy S14 Kentucky Race Cup Dream 

I will not lie to you, I love this hat. Just looking at it you know it would make you feel GREAT to wear it... it'll give you the self confidence you need... for anything? Conquer the world? Sure! It does happen to be more expensive than rent, but having some place to put your belongings is over-rated. 




5. $2,488.50 Rachel Morgan Spring 2018 S80

WE NEED THIS HAT! This hat can be worn at the Kentucky Derby, cocktails, to the beach, to an afternoon spent drinking tea with the girls?! Whatever the occasion is, we will find a way to wear this hat. Because if we’re spending $2,488.50 on a hat, we’re wearing it everyday! Made to order, this hat ships to you from the United Kingdom!








4. $2,850 Philip Treacy S7 

Made of Sinamay Straw (there's different kinds of straw?!) the description says, " this white - Ivory hat has an elegant look and feel, a gorgeous ladies hat designed in England." England does tend to make everything fancier, like an English accent. It just sounds smarter, right?




3. $3,426.50 Rachel Morgan Spring 2018 S104 

Getting more (hat) for your money is not a thing when it comes to Kentucky Derby hats & this design is a perfect example... and that extra fifty cents really gets ya! 









2. $3,941 - Rachel Morgan Spring 2018 S100

Boasting a 6 inch brim (which is apparently does qualify as a large-brimmed hat), this hat was designed in the United Kingdom. I really only have one question.... what happens if it's windy?









1. $22,000 - Philip Treacy S20 

No, that wasn't a typo... $22 grand!!!!!! Designed and made in England, samuelshats.com says of their designs, "Derby Hats will always make a statement. You will be noticed by all when you walk through the front doors, even the First Lady may ask you where you got your hat."