Awesome (Last Minute) Mother's Day Gifts

We know you didn't forget... you're just... busy!

May 11, 2018
Mother's Day drawing


Mother's Day is SUNDAY. Don't worry, we know you didn't forget... you had your mom's present in your shopping cart, then your computer died... Or your browser crashed. Or your dog sat on your computer and erased everything. We know, and now it's too late to order something. But it's okay! You don't need to order anything to get your mom a great (albeit last-minute) gift! 

Get her a massage

Find us someone on the planet who DOESN'T love to be pampered! Mom does everything for everyone and she deserves to have some R&R and time to herself! A massage is a thoughtful way to look after your leading lady while also taking care of this present situation fast. Pick a place that isn't a hassle for her to get to! There are TONS of different massage locations, here are just a few: Massage Envy, Elements Massage, Heavenly Massage, Me Spa.

A book club subscription

If your mom loves to get into a good book, there is nothing better than being a part of a "book club" but enjoying the experience in the comfort of your own home. There are so many subscription based clubs that allow your mom to get the latest literature has to offer, delivered right to her door every month! Did we mention you sign up online ;) Kimmie is currently a member of Book of the Month Club but Once Upon a Book Club,  The Nocturnal Reader's Box, Cozy Reader Club, & Uppercase are also fan-favorites! 

Make her a relaxation gift basket

Fill it with everything soft & fluffy and you can't go wrong! Victoria's Secret has a stylish silk robe that comes in a ton of different colors and patterns, but you can also get some pretty satin robes from Kohl's here & here. For some other fluffy things to put in your "gift basket," you can grab some slippers from Target: classic style or maybe these booties! For a super soft blanket you can stop by Costco for this velvet-soft one, plush blanket or sheared mink!

Give the gift of Netflix, Hulu & more

You may have to set it up for her, but there's no question that mom will enjoy the streaming capabilities of 2018 once she gets used to it! With the Amazon Fire TV stick, mom can enjoy her favorite shows (and maybe even find some new ones) whenever she wants! Be a good son/daughter and give mom the password to your accounts, okay? Okay.