Barbie's last name is making the internet LOSE IT

Yeah, we didn't know she had a last name either...

April 17, 2018


Mind. Blown.

Like most kids in the 90s, I grew up with Barbie (heck, most kids still do, don't they?) and although I had countless dolls, cars, houses... Ken... I had no idea that Barbie had this: a last name.

Yes, I too thought that Barbie was a single-name kinda gal, you know, like Reba... Adele? Nope. 

Her FULL name is Barbie Roberts.

Yes, ROBERTS is Barbie's last name. How did we find out? How have we never known this??

Well, you can thank National Siblings Day for this "mind-blown" moment... The official Barbie Twitter account shared a picture of Barbie & her sisters to wish fans well on the national holiday... and that was when the big reveal happened.

ROBERTS... can't believe we didn't know this.