Beware of FAKE accounts

Artists are warning their fans not to fall for it!

March 19, 2018
Chris Young, Blake Shelton & Kip Moore

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Social media has done a lot for the relationships artists and fans are able to have. But with everything good comes bad things too, and in this case, the bad are FAKE accounts. Artists have tried to warn their fans about imposter accounts over and over again... but for every account that is reported and removed, more just spring up. 

The problem aside from the deception? Generally the accounts target artists' fans, asking for money. The country community is a family, no one, especially the artists, want their fans to be taken advantage of! 

This seems to be a particularly bad few weeks for artists...

Blake Shelton & his team addressed some fake accounts:

Kip Moore has done the same many times, including last week:

Guys....don’t fall for dumb shit. There’s a lot of dumb shit in the world. No need to ask me if I’m the one sending you dumb shit cause that would mean you’re possibly not using that brain god gave you to decipher when you’re receiving dumb shit. Who actually talks like this? I only have 1 account. It has a blue check. Come on.... don’t fall for dumb shit. #brainpower #dumbshit #learningenglishonthefly #toughlove #imnotajerkbutshit

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Chris Young has also been plagued by imposter accounts, this is just one of a few tweets addressing them last month:

In short -- don't fall for it! We all get excited when we get a follow from someone we love... but make sure it's really them!! BLUE CHECKMARK, don't forget!!