This cat is the star of the next Marvel movie

Technically a side-kick cat but look at that face!

March 1, 2019
Reggie the cat plays Goose in Captain Marvel


We're days away from the release of Captain Marvel and because we all can't handle the suspense, we just keep swapping rumors about the movie we just can't wait for...

We know you didn't need more another reason to go and see the movie, but we're going to give you one anyways... a furry, four-legged one named Goose. 

If you're a Marvel comics expert, then you're aware that the side-kick cat's name was originally 'Chewie' but makers of the film took some creative license to switch up the movie reference to reflect that of Top Gun

Goose's human, Carol Danver aka Captain Marvel, is played by Brie Larson and shared a VERY interesting, almost problematic behind-the-scenes tidbit with Entertainment Weekly: she's allergic to cats.

To avoid some sniffly situations, they actually used three different versions of Goose -- a real cat, named Reggie (and his doubles, Archie, Gonzo & Rizzo) as well as a computer-generated feline & a stuffed animal.

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