Coca-cola releasing its first alcoholic drink

Kinda amazing it hasn't happened yet...

April 7, 2018


In the history of Coca-cola, they've had zero calorie beverages, fruit-infused sodas (cherry cola, we're lookin at you), but never an alcoholic beverage -- until now. 

Launching first in Japan, Coca-cola has announced its first alcoholic drink called Chu-Hi. It will be canned and is reported to contain "distilled Japanese drink shochu, sparkling water and flavoring."

For now, the company is calling it an experiment. Launching in Japan is strategic because Japan is a market with massive competition. Coca-cola alone releases over 100 products in Japan annually.

The likely-hood of Chu-Hi leaving Japan, a market it was so clearly crafted for is unlikely. But it begs the question - will it inspire other alcoholic drinks from the company designed for other markets?