Dierks Bentley - with a BROKEN HAND - duets with daughter Evie

We love their duets and she NAILS "My Church"

June 27, 2019
Dierks Bentley and his daughter Evie


In an effort to calm fans down after news spread that he had BROKEN HIS HAND, Dierks took to Instagram to perform a duet with his daughter Evie.

Yep, cast and all, he still played guitar as they sang "My Church," together and Evie hit those high notes!!! 

#colorado #evieoninstagram Broke a few bones in my hand but totally fine. Fired up for WI, MI and NY this weekend.

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Dierks has posted videos singing with his daughter before & it looks like the musical talent is VERY strong in her blood!! We hope for more duets!

And of course... we're VERY HAPPY Dierks is well and on the mend!