Everyone is trying to get their dogs to say "I love you"

UHM -- apparently some dogs CAN!

March 20, 2018
Kimmie Caruba & her dog Boots

Photo by: Kimmie Caruba

Man's best friend is wayyyyyy more than any words could explain. Talk to any dog owner, dogs are a member of the family. I absolutely adore my dog, Boots, and tell her so all day long. Every. Day. And since dogs can't speak, it never hurt my feelings that I didn't hear her say it back -- UNTIL NOW.

Evidently, some dogs DO say I love you back. Seriously. Like Kesslie's dog:

So another girl tried it with her dog...

And Hayley's dog says even more than 'I love you' -- HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN ABOUT THIS?

But, if your pooch isn't as outward with their love, don't worry... you're not alone.